Learn data with sqlbelle

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Hi, I’m Donabel Santos.

We might have met before, either in person or virtually. In social media I go by sqlbelle.

I consider myself a data geek. I love working with data, and sharing what I know about data. I am a multi-year Microsoft Data Platform MVP (2011-2017), and am a Tableau Accredited Trainer.

One of my passions is teaching. I have been teaching for the past 20 years – both at a local technology institute and in the University for post-graduate programs.

I am also a data practitioner. I query, tune and troubleshoot SQL Server, and visualize and present insights with Tableau.  

I am the principal at QueryWorks Solutions in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We are a small boutique shop providing consulting and training services on Tableau, SQL (SQL Server and MySQL), Data Storytelling and Visual Best Practices. I has spent years in consulting and has developed a variety of solutions for clients in different verticals – finance, manufacturing, healthcare, legal, higher education, and local government.


How will these courses help you in your data journey?

In my 20 years of teaching, have seen my fair share of techniques on what helps students and what doesn’t. I am putting these learnings into the courses I am providing, and hope that you will find these courses valuable as you take your next step in your data journey.